We cordially invite all gardeners to visit our expanded daylily propagation beds during this  bloom season to view our latest introductions. All of the plants pictured below can be found out there, along with many of their siblings and hundreds of other crosses. Some were rowed out last season and will be double or triple fans, while others will be in the form of small clumps of 10 to 15 fans. Rather than growing them on for several years to increase numbers, we are offering our final selection plants as cutting edge and in many cases one of a kind specimens. Going back to our original selling format, the sales of these plants will be made in bloom right from the field. We can’t take advance orders for these particular plants as they are all randomly planted without ID. From early July until mid August, every morning in the field is full of pleasant surprises. The Potting Shed continues to have a selection of named container grown daylilies available for earlier planting. Quality landscape plants, our own previous intros and state of the art southern breeding plants are all nestled in our cold frames in anticipation of spring