Just Kidding!

Old habits die hard, and we are back into breeding goats. ( Nigerian Dwarf Goats this time.) The kids are born at The Potting Shed beginning in the middle of April and are just plain adorable.

Birds and Animals

Here at the Potting Shed , the love for animals runs a neck and neck race with the love of plants. Both Jack and Paul have some agriculture in their backgrounds…. But  frankly, we make lousy farmers because we  won’t eat anything that we have raised. The animals here are pets.  Many of the animals were originally rescues  and their arrival stories are diverse. With births and natural deaths the list may change, but here are of some of the critters that you could run into at the Potting Shed .


Cindy, Peggy (both Shih Tzuhs) and Sophie (our very vocal Miniature Schnauzer)


Doric and Picasso are our  Seniors Citizens that live in the front barn. Last fall they were joined by Spookie ,a kitten drop off  who came crawling out of the front hosta bed and , Felicia and Fiona , rescues from near the Rockton Fair.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs

Violet and Petunia are a huge hit (with everybody except Jack). Christmas presents as newborns in 2010,  these ladies can often be seen at closing time escorting Paul down to the back pond for a swim.


Victor and Albert are Black Shouldered  Male Peacocks.


Many of our oldest rabbits are 5 and six years old now. Customers ( Don and Wanda) made a gift of two Flemish Giant Rabbits ( Lucky and Charm) who have recently been added to with Hugs, Kisses and Flopsy. These are our Gentle Giants.


In the summer of 2012,  we got 5 Royal Palm Turkey chicks (poults) .  They are a heritage breed and we can’t decide if they are really ugly or exceptionally beautiful.  What they are is fertile… on a lark we decided to incubate some eggs and now the Potting Shed is over-run with turkeys . ( No comments needed please).

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The goats are a love and a passion for us…so much so that we have given them their own web page .


There are too many chickens on site to even begin to name but of note on your visit you will probably meet the Farkle family ,  a brood of Rhode Island Red Bantams that wander the property and can often be seen surprising  customers in the Gift Shop .