17The Potting Shed is owned by Jack Kent and Paul Bolland . We offer healthy plants that are very competitively priced, friendly knowledgeable service, and creative design assistance, all in a beautiful environment. We look forward to welcoming you here.

The central Garden Centre is made up of several coldframe greenhouses and a trellised sales area  organized around a central pond/waterfall  garden. All of the greenhouses stock plants that are for sale at varying degrees of development allowing purchasers an excellent variety of pricing options . We began in business 19 years ago as a specialty nursery  featuring  a vast selection of hosta and daylilies ( many from co-owner Jack Kent’s own breeding program.)  Daylilies and hosta continue to be our passion.  In 2007 when we moved from Cayuga to Dunnville we became a full service garden centre with a focus that goes beyond selling the old favorites to featuring  new hybrids of perennials, trees, shrubs, dwarf conifers , and ornamental grasses.  Our display gardens , though very beautiful, also allow us to test the many new plants that are introduced  each year.  If we cannot grow it, then we will not sell it.     Our Gardens also feature large scale permanent outdoor sculptures created on site by co-owner Paul Bolland.

We recognise that many independent garden centres  have been replaced by annexes  on big box stores or fenced asphalt options at grocery stores.  In many cases , gardening knowledge has disappeared with these changes.  At  The Potting Shed  we offer that knowledge back to you. Many customers will bring digital photos  and a sketch of the area they are considering and we can give on the spot advice  based on light and shadow  and soil and moisture conditions of what their planting options are. There are no bad questions around here…we want you to succeed  in your own garden, knowing that a happy customer is one that will return again.